Welcome to the bat cave…err…blog :)

I am an 80's child who geeks out over The Muppets, TMNT and Peanuts. I thoroughly enjoy binge watching Veronica Mars and The Big Bang Theory while eating Nutella and/or peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. (If you didn't know that was a thing, you haven't lived yet!) I have never seen Flash Dance, Pretty Woman or Forest Gump in its entirety…I'm sure that's un-American, which is totally ok because I don't like apple pie either (more for you, duh.)

When I am not writing, you can find me hard at work raising my two kids (Lily & Malcolm) with my husband, Scott. We were wed on a gorgeously sunny and warm October 11, 2008. We reside with a long haired pie-bald dachshund, Jabroni, and an Olde English Bulldog, Izzy. Jabroni is a little old man with feelings stuck in a hotdog body. Izzy should have been a boy as she gives most 5 year old boys a run for their money in the gross department. We are on our third cat in 2 years…Megaman snuck outside never to return, Binky Lu went over the rainbow bridge thanks to kidney failure and Pumpkin is our "college" kid who enjoys time outside and returns each morning looking for breakfast and a place to crash.

I have a professional photography business, Gabrielle Orcutt Photography, where I get to be very creative. Designing sets, creating wardrobe pieces, transforming women into the beauty they didn't know existed…real life Barbies playing dress up and getting the super model experience in front of the camera :) If I'm not playing dress up, you can find me swooning over a precious newborn or anxiously anticipating the birth of a brand spankin' new bubbie!

In the summer you will find us in front of a fire with our favorite beverage in hand (wine…yum!) and roasting marshmallows for s'mores. During the daylight hours, we will hop in the can-am or "side-side" as the under 5 gang like to call it. It's a mini jeep that goes off roading like nobodies business. We've come across some pretty cool places, a reservoir private picnic and a giant rock to jump into the swimming hole just to name a few! We live in the woods and the most traffic we get are can-ams, four wheelers and animals like deer, turkey and raccoons…even had a bear walk up the back porch to grab our garbage can and take it for a walk :/

I have always had a love of all things baby; the preggo bellies, the sweet newborn smell, those cute tiny toes…just makes my heart melt! It wasn't until having babies of my own that I realized how passionate I am about birthing and breastfeeding. I am advocate for making educated choices in birthing and believe breast is best. However, you will not see me shaming moms who choose to raise their kids differently. I aim to educate and encourage those who want and need it.

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