I love good stories. Even more I love real life good stories. Some stories you can relate to you, others show you a whole new world. Some make you laugh until your belly hurts, others leave you in a mess of used tissues. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Submitting your story is easy! See below for story requests and click on the name to submit. For privacy reasons, you may use an alias in your submission. 

** DADS! You can give us Mommas the male perspective! Don't be shy, tell us what you got!**

Adoption: Loving a child comes in all forms. It takes someone very special to give their baby to another family to love.  Are you an adopted child? Are you parents to an adopted child? Are you currently trying to adopt?

Birth Story: "On the way to our last date as a family of two, my water breaks in the front seat of the car…guess baby had other plans!" The Birth Story series shares your birth experience from a week before delivery through your hospital stay/first week home. Images with submission preferred (No more than 6!) but not a full requirement.

Breast Feeding: Have your breast fed your child past one? Did you try it in the hospital and gave up? Are you pushing to normalize breast feeding in public, how were you received by those near by? Please share your breast feeding experience and any tips you have for other Mommas!

Infertility: 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Are you currently battling infertility and want to share to others in your shoes? Do you have a success story over coming infertility?

Keep Calm & Wear Them: Are you a baby wearing Momma? Or maybe a hot baby wearing Dad…tell us why you love to wear your baby and what your favorite wrap is and why! An image of you wearing your baby is required for this submission.

Living with a Toddler: "Get your finger out of your nose!" "Stay out of the dog water!" "Really?? You are crying because you asked for a pancake, so I make you one, and now you are crying because you DON'T want a pancake?!?!" "M&Ms do NOT go up your nose!" "Vaseline is not hair gel…" Caught your little red handed? Having an episode of "Reasons my kid is crying…"? We'd love to share in your mishaps!

Maternity Mishap: "I feel like I'm growing an alien…I should name this kid Wall.E!" Your body is not your own while pregnant. What embarrassing or funny thing happened to you while baking that bun for 9 months?

Mommas Juggling Multiples: When there is an abundance of joy, there is sure to also be an equal amount of chaos. To the Mommas of twins, triplets, and beyond: We salute you! Share the trials, triumphs and tips on raising more than one baby at a time.

Raising Girls: Sugar and spice…and everything nice…that's what little girls are made of. From playing dress up to begging Dad to hunt for snakes, what cute, unconventional and silly things make up the darling daughter who stole your heart?

Raising Boys: Boys, they are a breed all their own with the shenanigans they bring into your life. Please tell me I'm not the only one battling an uncontrollable "fire hose", keeping hands out of pants and the monkey off the back of the furniture...Not to mention calming a big sister who is worried over her Barbies that a little boy keeps playing with!

Secret Agent Mom: We are the glue that keeps everything together. "Where's my hat?" We know the answer to that. "Carry my bunny." We are the pack mule. "But I don't WANT to get up…I'm tired!" We keep the childebeasts moving on time to get to school. Dance recitals. Football practice. Gymnastics class. Boy Scouts. Some of us are Wonder Woman juggling the schedule alone. Some of us are part of a dynamic duo. How do you do it all? What time management tricks are up your sleeve? Or do you have outside the home help that you need to share your gratitude with? Are you inspired by another Secret Agent Mom?

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