My Babies

My Babies

Lillian (Lily, Lilpil, Stinky) - My soft heart with her emotions on her sleeves who just wants to dance amongst unicorns and rainbows while taking care of her babies. Yet she can be a total Valley Girl with the mood swings to go with it. (Are we 5 going on 16?! Eeeep!!) She has a love of everything girlie: makeup, shoes, frilly dresses, pedicures and manicures (A very uncomfortable pregnant momma may have had a hand in the mani/pedi obsession. Oops.) But don't let that fool you. All summer long means days spent begging Daddy to flip rocks to find snakes, carrying salamanders and flash light hunts at twilight for toads. Her preferred method of transportation is the can-am where she sings over the hum of the motor "Let it go, let it GOOOOoooOOOOO!!"

Malcolm (Malo, Mal Mal, Ninja Turtle, Bubbie) - My sweet little snuggle Bubbie, full of smiles, growls and chitters. A total Momma's boy with a strong bond to go with it. He has a love of wheels of any kind, fuzzy blankets, hair and feet. Just don't make him wear socks and shoes!
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