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Before both of my pregnancies, I would start a prenatal vitamin as part of my every day routine. Proper nutrition before conceiving is vital to help sustain and grow a healthy baby. My first pregnancy, I bought Walmart brand prenatals. At $4 a bottle, in the bag! Your typical pop and swallow pill. This was all fine and dandy until the gaggies rolled in with morning sickness. I was popping them every morning. But as my morning sickness increased, my vitamin intake decreased. If I DID get them down, I felt sick. My ob-gyn suggested switching from intake to evening intake. This helped, but there were still days where that lumpy pill wasn't making it past my throat.

With my second pregnancy, I tried a bunch of different ones. I tried Isotonix from Market America. It's in powder form that you mix with 2 ounces of water in a shot glass and shoot it down. It tasted like grapefruit. BLAH. I hate grapefruit! Add in an incredibly picky palette and it was disastrous. And I wasn't even pregnant yet! I quickly switched back to the horse pills from Walmart because anything was better than a shot of grape fruit on an empty stomach.

After 6 (long) months of trying, we have a positive pregnancy test! YAY!!! And same as last time, it wasn't too far into my pregnancy that I couldn't stomach getting pills down. I mentioned this at my ob-gyn appointment and they sent me home with Select-ob+DHA. A chewable prenatal similar to Flintstones but...not as tasty. The DHA gel pill was separate and huge so those never went down. It was about 3 weeks later that the IRON kicked in. I was SO constipated I was dry heaving every time my bowel would try to move food along....not to mention I was already gaggy to begin with. Coupled with not drinking enough water, I was the trifecta for...kidney stones. And I had one. It was the largest size a preggo could pass without medical intervention. I labored on that stone for EIGHT MISERABLE LONG DAYS. Three ER visits, one overnight and a week and a half off of work because I was tanked on pain killers that conked me out. At any moment I could go from fine and functioning to ZZZZZZzzzzz. :( NOT. FUN. I threw away any vitamins I had left and steered clear of iron like it was the plague. It took me a good two weeks to finally get somewhat turned around. I settled on taking Flintstones (chewable, decent taste with the immune system boost orange box) because I couldn't find anything else. I was tired of buying vitamins and throwing them away. If I didn't take the Flintstones, I knew my daughter would. No waste.

After birth, I still took a prenatal. I went back to the swallow ones...those got old. Finally tried the gummy They were ok. Ok enough that I bought two bottles worth and I have since ran out. Enter PreMama.

PreMama is a natural powdered supplement formulated to support preconception through post natal nutritional needs. No honking horse pills, the drink mix solution contains high-quality, clinically-studdied and physician-approved ingredients. The powder packets are designed to blend seamlessly with liquids and soft foods. Just mix and enjoy!

Ya'll had me at "No honking horse pills". For reals. So, I put PreMama Fertility Reproductive Support Supplement in a shaker with 12 ounces of Gatorade...there was no powder at the bottom of the cup. Not chalky. No funky taste. Nothing. No need to re-shake or stir. The next day, I added it to my morning blended breakfast shake with banana, rice milk and peanut butter...again, I noticed no difference in taste or consistency. A glass of apple juice? If someone would have mixed the glass for me and handed it to me without telling me PreMama powder was in it, I would have been none the wiser. WHERE was the magical potion while pregnant?!

I absolutely love that the PreMama line thinks of a woman from pre-conception all the way through lactation. There's Fertility support, Prenatal Essentials, Prenatal Essentials + DHA, and Lactation. All with the same wonderful powder packets, just add to 12 ounces of non-carbonated beverage, stir and bottoms up! No gagging, no chalky after taste. Just non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan/vegetarian friendly supplements. PreMama was really sucking up to the first trimester preggos by putting in an extra dose of B6 to help ease morning sickness. Yay! Bonus round!

If you are looking for PreMama in the stores check out: CVS Pharmacy. If you love to shop online, direct your browser to:,, or check out the website.

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**I was given this product to test. All opinions are my own.

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