Book Review: Quitter by Jon Acuff


I have always dreamed of quitting my day job. In my 20's, I imagined how kick ass it would be to bring down the guillotine severing myself from an awful work environment. At this time in my life, I worked for the local newspaper selling advertising…which required cold calling and door to door sales. I don't like to call and order pizza. In fact, ever since we started dating in 2003, my husband (then boyfriend) would call and order. The though of calling to order pizza would fill me with anxiety. It still baffles me to this day that I was hired to pick up the phone and call business after business to entice them to purchase an ad in the newspaper. 

Quitter by Jon Acuff does not tell you to quit your job. Jon lays down the line on why it is extremely important to work your day job…those 40 hours per week of torture…and work HARD. He also goes on to explain that if you aren't thriving in your day job, chances are high that you will not thrive in whatever dream job it is your heart and soul longs with desire to do. In fact, there's an entire chapter on his boss named Donnie, and how firing Donnie means a ton of other things turn into little Donnie's that you must answer to…things that were over looked with a steady paycheck was rolling in. 

The problem with perfection section of the book is me to a T. You plan to host guests at the house and instead of cleaning a room here and there, you wait until the last minute and need to clean EVERYTHING in its entirety to a perfectly shining squeaky clean, organizing drawers and closet and cupboards in your wake. Ain't nobody got time for that! If this is you, you must read this book to remedy your perfection ailment. And it is mot certainly an ailment. I can count numerous times where my need and high desire for perfection created a huge block that left me doing NOTHING instead of something…thus further putting space between my dreams and reality. 

** I purchased this book myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

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