Babies wearing babies #ohmyovaries !


I joined my local babywearing group when my son was 7 weeks old. I have two daughters, 5 & 2. Babywearing allows me to have my hands free for the girls. I recently discovered tandem babywearing! 2yr old on my back, 6 mo old on the front. Talk about a life changer! 

Here's a glimpse of my last grocery shopping trips before babywearing: picture me in Walmart. Baby in the car seat on the shopping cart. 2 yr old runs away and she's fast. My only option to catch her is leave baby. I swore that would never happen again because it terrified me! The final trip, I used a tether. It was cute and had a puppy back pack. Then my daughter did the unthinkable. She got on all fours and barked at someone!! I could not convince her to act like a lady and not a puppy!! 

Shopping is much easier now. She loves being in the Tula on my back! Quality cuddle time and I don't have to choose which child to hold! My girls love my Tulas so much that I made them their on Tula style doll carriers for christmas and they were a huge hit! I'm now making them for customers. I love seeing all the pictures of kids matching mommy. We have a Facebook group - Babies Wearing Babies. Parents are showing off their pics and sharing stories of how their kids love wearing their baby dolls and being like mommy/daddy! So cute!! 

Feel free to join our group of you have stories you'd like to share. We allow buying/selling/trading of doll carriers too. Check us out for our list of talented vendors! Or check out my page for custom doll carriers at Lily Mae Collection

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  1. There are so many cute carriers in the Facebook group, you should check it out!


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