Peter Thomas Roth Giveaway! sponsored by Dotfully


You read that right! It's the first official giveaway on the Secret Agent Mom blog :D And it is a goooood one! 

I don't know if you all know there's an entire world called "Swapping". I had no idea it existed. It started by those lovelies that are subscribers to beauty boxes that get mailed directly to your home. Depending on how many boxes you subscribe to (and there are a TON to choose from!) you will -very- quickly accumulate a drawerbagboxof beauty items you do not use. There's nothing wrong with the items, they are just not your jam. 

Swapping: the cure all for that over flowing drawer of makeup, hair products, skincare items that you do not use or never find yourself reaching for. A friend added me to a makeup swap group on Facebook and the obsession began. Create a Pinterest board of what you have up for swapping and find someone with an item you want…share your board to see if they have interest in one of your items and do the deal and only pay shipping. Tracking is a must, as it shows you're truth worthy and holding up your end of the bargain. After swapping for 8 weeks, I can say that I have met some awesome ladies…and I have also had some very sour swaps. 

But this world of swapping wasn't curing my problem; I wanted to clean out my makeup bag. Most swappers will set you up with samples and freebies you were expecting. Which potentially means….more stuff you won't use. 

This is where Dotfully comes in. My friend created a makeup swapping website. Join and create your free profile with points earned to swap just for signing up. Browse the makeup swapping feed, find something you like and BAM! You pay no more than $5 to ship it straight to your door. Want more points? Sell your unwanted makeup items, for free! When one of your items sells, you receive a prepaid shipping label directly to your email. Print, slap that sucker on your "packaged with love" item and pop it in the mail box. You receive your points on your account once the tracking code is scanned. It is super easy, user friendly and FUN! Customer service has been awesome, any issues have been taken care of quickly. The Dotfully community of "Dotties" also takes pride in making sure no fake makeup items are swapped and "point gouging" is not happening as well. I am OBSESSED! Obesssssssed with Dotfully!! I will not return to swapping through Pinterest. I haven't swapped outside of Dotfully in weeks and I do not miss it! I recently scored a Lauren Luke "My Smokey Classics" palette and a Stila Spirit palette. Money out of pocket? $10 for both! I'm telling you, this website is the shit. On fleek can't even touch it. 

In support of her new website launch, we have teamed up together to give away 10 Peter Thomas Roth travel sets that include a shampoo, conditioner and massaging bar. These sets retail at Sephora for $20 a piece. How to enter? Go to and purchase one free makeup item (It's free, just pay $3 shipping), and you are automatically entered to win one of the 10 Peter Thomas Roth travel sets**. My hair is color treated, dry and damaged and Peter Thomas Roth shampoo and conditioner leave it feeling silky and soft. I'm totally jealous that I can't win a set! 

What's even better? This giveaway is only for my followers. No one else. The odds are in your favor to win!! Get your mouse clicking to and cure the new makeup itch! 

**Will randomly select 10 winners from those using the referral link. Giveaway ends June 5th, 2015 12 pm PST.

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