How my struggles with breast feeding lead to my activism - Breastfeeding Mama Talk Guest Post


Let me start off by saying that my love for breastfeeding certainly did not come from my own personal experience with it. When I had my son a little over 4 years ago I did not have far as much knowledge for breastfeeding and many other parenting related things that I have now. I hadn't even created my support page, “Breastfeeding Mama Talk” until about 2 years in to motherhood.

How My Struggles With Breastfeeding Lead To my Activism

At first I hadn't even really planned to breastfeed, I didn't know what the point of it was. I figured it would just be easier to formula feed and I didn't have confidence that I would or could even make milk. Fortunately, in order to be qualified for WIC they make you attend classes and they will not provide formula for the first 30 days after you have your baby because their hope is that you choose to breastfeed. Well it just so happened they had one of the classes on the benefits of breastfeeding. Once I learned the comparison between formula and breastmilk and how much more benefits breastmilk had, I thought, “How could I not at least try to breastfeed?” because I wanted to give my baby the best possible start in life.

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