Secret Agent Mom: R. Copperfield Mastress of avoiding meltdowns and making it look easy!


"I don't even know how it happened. My mom used to be the only Secret Agent Mom I knew. She's still got it, but now...I'm finding the missing *fill in the blank*, I'm getting my son to school on time, I'm magicking up ways to get the skinny bugger to eat. I'm a single mom, but don't misunderstand...I'm not alone in this. My parents are my village. My village of superheroes. See, I need the support, the help and the housing. My anxiety disorder and depression get the best of me quite often. That's when Grandma and Grandpa swoop in to rescue me. I'm extremely competent. I'm a fantastic mommy. But sometimes, I'm no more than an overgrown child. I can blame it on my ex-husband's abuse. I can blame it on childhood bullies. I can blame it on the phase of the moon. But it boils down to periods of "Damn, bitch could work for the NSA." to ones of "Who thought it would be ok to give this bumbling twit a child?" Add in the kiddo's "special needs" factor (I prefer the term "high functioning sociopath") and stand back to watch the fireworks! I think I'm doing better than anyone expected me to do. Maybe I worry too much. Maybe I over analyze every speck of my son's behavior. But you know what? I'm finding the missing chargers. I'm pulling the missing angry birds shirt out of thin air to avoid a meltdown. I'm making sure my baby never knows just how hard everyday life is for Mommy. And that...that right there, is the most Secret Agent Mom job of all." - R. Copperfield

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