Book Review: Never Say Never by Ricki Lake


I have been on an autobiography kick lately! Trying to clear out my book shelf. The book thing is bending (Note: Do not buy cheap Wal-Mart book shelves…and then pack them to the hilt. Oops.)

I found Ricki Lake's book on the sale rack at TJ Maxx. I remember watching her talk show with my mom while growing up and I also watched Dancing with the Stars religiously and the season she was on was the last season I watched. I was really hoping she was going to win (She did not, Jr did…who was equally as good!)

The book starts out with her childhood. The things her mother would say to her were absolutely atrocious and did nothing to build up a budding child's confidence and self esteem. Add insult to injury, she goes on to explain how she was sexually abused by...

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  1. I absolutely loved The Business of Birth and used to watch her show when I was a kid! I had no idea that she'd written a book. I'll have to look for this one!

  2. I didn't realize she wrote a book until I spied it on the shelf at Target. If my Mom wasn't going to read it, I'd mail it to you! Most of the books I read do not stay on my shelf, except for my baby and photography books, plus a few inspirational/faith ones thrown in for good measure. I still need to get my hands on a copy of The Business of Being Born!

  3. She's had quite the life, hasn't she? As a teenager, I had a crush on her. I had no idea of the struggles she's encountered along the way.

  4. That she has! I remember watching her talk show in the 90's when I was 5-15. But had no idea she was in anything other than Hairspray and then her passion for birthing. I really loved watching her on Dancing with the Stars!


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