Winter zaps the moisture from my skin!

Every winter, without fail, I am left trying to find a solution for fixing my dry skin on my face. Most notably, my forehead, nose and chin. I'm a T-zone oily face so I need something that will moisturize without leaving me looking like I took a dip in the tub of Vaseline. 

Enter Instanatural's Vitamin C Moisturizer. It's virtually scentless, I was thinking it would smell like a chewable vitamin c. Not so. It leaves my skin feeling supple without the grease pit that makes my makeup slide off. There are no parabens, dyes or any other processed junk in it. I was using Pond's lotion because it was the only one I could find minus the parabens. But hated dipping my fingers into the jar. The Vitamin C moisturizer has a push pump dispenser, similar to popular drug store foundations. 

You can check out Instanaural's website ( to read more about this fabulous lotion that's great for face and body, and their other products.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

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